Lenticular effects



The MOVIE effect reproduces sequences of images creating the sensation of movement. It creates an illusion of animated images similar to a video sequence. It is perfect for demonstrating how a particular product works.

Flip (click-clack)

The FLIP effect, also known as “click-clack”, consists of 2 or 3 individual images which alternate when a single movement is made to change the optical angle. It is very effective in simulating effects such as before/after, cause/effect, etc.


By superimposing different layers, the DISTANCE effect creates the possibility of seeing different takes of an image all in the same one. The more takes superimposed, the greater the effect of depth created.


The REALITY effect is a three-dimensional photographic realism obtained from various images of the same object taken from different angles. In this way, the product is enhanced giving the impression of volume and of a greater sense of realism.


The ZOOM effect is an animation which combines multiple sizes of the same image creating the impression that it progressively increases and diminishes in size. The object moves towards and away from the person looking at it thus holding their attention.


The LOOPING effect increases the effect of depth created by placing one layer of an element in the foreground and another of the same element in the background and repeating it over and over again.